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Growing up I loved reading. Stories took me to faraway places where one day I could captain a pirate ship and the next I could find the murderer, and at the end of the week I could use my magic to save the world.  I fell in love with the words.  I devoured poetry books that, for me, became how story and song intersected.

It didn’t take long before I wanted to tell my own stories: ones that I hadn’t found anywhere else.  From elementary school through high school, I used writing to get me out of jams (thank god for an that Precalc final with an essay question “write your own mathematical fairy tale”) or to open doors or just to take me away from my sadness.

In undergrad at Syracuse University, I majored in Music and minored in Creative Writing (my two loves) and was able to take workshops with two amazing writers: George Saunders and Robert O’Connor.   After I’d graduated and worked in the real world for a bit, I decided to pursue my Masters and this time I’d let writing take the lead.  Even though I hadn’t really considered myself a children’s writer, I ended up in the Writing for Children program at the New School.  While there, I studied with some amazing professors including David Levithan, Sarah Weeks and Tor Seidler.

This background is just to give you context on where I’m coming from in my thoughts and posts about writing.  Writing is a very personal process and it’s different for everyone.

My best analogy is that when you start a story, it’s like jumping off a cliff. 
You just have to have faith that you can fly. 
(And faith that if you can’t, you’ll find a way to patch yourself back up and start over again).

This page will have all my writing related posts including book reviews and general writing.


The Ice Maiden’s Tale
Since the release of my middle grade, fairy tale adventure book, The Ice Maiden’s Tale is such big deal for me, I gave it, it’s very own pageI’ll post all the news and links over there.

Kindle Presale Available!

The Ice Maiden’s Tale on Goodreads




The last few years, I’ve been participating in the Popsugar Reading Challenge – a sort of scavenger hunt for reading.  My posts include book reviews and reading suggestions.


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Posts about political and social issues.

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