Julep Maven: June 2016 Midsummer Light! Plus 20% Off!

Julep June 2016 Maven Box

It’s time to get caught up with the sub box that started my addiction, my beloved Julep Maven subscription.  Before I get into all the details, I’ve got some great coupon codes and offers.  For 20% off your julep.com purchase … Continue reading

Marley Spoon: Steamed Salmon with Herb Mayo & Avogolemono Soup + $30 Off

Herbed Salmon

For Throw Back Thursday we’re going to head into the kitchen with one of my past Marley Spoon boxes that I hadn’t gotten a chance to review for you yet.  If you’d like to try it out this weekly meal … Continue reading

Popsugar: June 2016 & Fall Limited Edition Spoiler!

June Popsugar Must Have

Since Popsugar just released a spoiler for their Fall Limited Edition box, I figured I’d tag it on to a Must Have review.  The Fall Limited Edition is currently on sale and priced at $100.  It ships September9th. Fall Limited … Continue reading

July Irish Taste Club & 10% Off Code!

Irish Taste Club 7.2016

Today I’ve got some more fun with food with my review of the July Irish Taste Club box plus an extra special coupon for 10% off when you sign up (use code therapy10). If you remember from my last review, … Continue reading

Popsugar: May 2016 & Fall Limited Edition Presale!

Popsugar May 2016 Must Have

Somehow in the madness that is my life, I completely forgot about my Popsugar Must Have subscription so I’m a few months behind and definitely overdue for a review.  Since we’ve waited long enough, let’s dive into the May 2016 … Continue reading

July 2016 Chococurb Nano & 10% off Coupon Code!

Chococurb July 2016

I’ve got something special to combat the Mondays – a chocolate subscription!  Yes, that’s right, it’s like a Willy Wonka-o-gram!  Someone will send fancy pants chocolate right to your house every month.  (I swear sometimes subscription boxes do God’s work.) … Continue reading

Play by Sephora: June 2016

Sephora Play June 2016

Since I reviewed Birchbox’s June box yesterday, I thought it would be apropos to review the June Play by Sephora today.  This box is Julep’s direct competition in the $10 beauty subscription slot. My first Sephora box was a great … Continue reading

Birchbox: June 2016 Review

Birchbox June 2016

Today I’m back from my brief hiatus to review one of my last Birchboxes.  Because of the very controversial changes to the Birchbox subscription that I discussed in my last BB review, I opted to cancel my subscription after July. … Continue reading

Marley Spoon: Pineapple-Soy Marinated Steak & Thai Herb Pork Salad Plus $30 Coupon Code

Pineapple Soy Steak

You ever been so stressed your body just starts getting mad at you?  I spent all of Sunday with my left eye twitching.  Ever had your eye twitch for an entire day?  If Gypsy curses were real, I swear that’s … Continue reading

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Summer 2016 & $10 Off

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2016

It’s that time again folks – my most favorite box to review: Rachel Zoe Box of Style. This quarterly sub is a bit of a splurge at $100, but it’s chock full of high end, quality items so it’s always … Continue reading